5000 Rupees (Cheap) Websites in Raipur Chhattisgarh

Are you looking for a 5000 Rupees (Cheap) Website? There are a number of companies in Raipur that will offer you precisely that. Let’s have a look at what’s included in the 5000 Rupees (Cheap) Website.

What’s included in a ₹5000 website

  • 2-3 pages 

(For these pages, you have to provide all the information, probably hire a content writer on your own or assign the task to one of your employees, or worst write it yourself, in case you don’t provide the content, it will be plagiarized from some other website. The website may also include images from the google search results which may raise a copyright issue in the long run)

That’s pretty much it. You will have to pay for the domain as well as the hosting server separately.

Things you will not be told about 

You are not a digital marketing professional or developer, you certainly don’t know about what has not been told to you by the agency you have hired. Some of the crucial things these cheap website development agencies won’t tell you about are

  • SSL Certificates (You really NEED one)
  • Website load speed (Your website must be fast to load)
  • Search Engine Optimization (Search engines must be able to Index and show your website when searched for)
  • Integrations of marketing tools. This includes
    • Facebook pixel integration
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Tag Manager integration
  • And a lot of other things…

If you need a cheap website, ask this question to yourself: “Do I really need a website?”

Not all businesses need a website. Website as we see it is nothing more than a stage (although the most important one) in your marketing funnel. We can help you create a marketing funnel while keeping your business requirement in the mind (and not what we can sell you). Let’s meetup analyse your business from a bird’s eye view and try to formalize your goals and a plan to achieve it. If the process requires we will build you a website, not the cheapest one but the one that your business needs.

Need to know how your business can use digital marketing in a way that translates to real business growth? Contact us right away and we will analyse your business to prepare a personalized marketing plan.

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