Strengthening Brand Image of Shivi Graphene

Shivi Graphene is a company that specializes in the production of graphene-based products. When we initially met the team at Shivi Graphene, we noticed that their brand was lacking in terms of visual appeal and consistency. We knew that in order for Shivi Graphene to stand out in a highly competitive market, they needed a complete branding overhaul.

To start the process, we conducted extensive research on the top brands in the graphene industry and identified key elements that would be useful for Shivi Graphene’s branding strategy. We then developed a persona for Shivi Graphene’s ideal customer base and used this as a foundation for creating a completely new logo that captured the essence of the brand.

Next, we worked on a variety of visual elements such as typography, color palette, and style scapes to ensure that the brand had a consistent look across all mediums. We also developed packaging designs that not only looked visually appealing but also conveyed the quality and innovation of Shivi Graphene’s products.

To enhance the brand’s digital presence, we revamped their website to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing, while also incorporating the latest SEO strategies to improve its visibility. We also developed a brand guide that outlined specific guidelines for using the logo, typography, and other visual elements to maintain consistency and reinforce the brand identity.

Lastly, we created a comprehensive marketing strategy for Shivi Graphene, which included creating eye-catching creatives, designing informational pamphlets, and maintaining an active social media presence to keep customers engaged and informed. With our help, Shivi Graphene is now well on its way to becoming a leading brand in the graphene industry.