Complete Rebranding | Balgopal Foods


From Logo To Packaging

About the brand

Balgopal Foods is a leading manufacturer of Rice bran oil in Odisa. The company also sells Rice, Fortified Rice, and other products. When we met Mr. Gopal Agrawal from Balgopal Foods, the company already has a website, some presence in the digital ecosystem.


Modernize Web & Physical Presence


Food & Health


New Logo, Packaging, Website

Case study subject


Observing the packaging as well as other visual aspects of the brand we immediately knew that a visual overhaul was required in order to bring uniformity in design across prints, packaging, and digital creatives
After approval, we started working on rebranding Balgopal Foods. The process involved following steps

1Identifying the customer segment and creating a persona for an Ideal customer of Balgopal Products.

Research patterns in visual preference of those customers by analyzing other brands(nonrivals) who successfully created a positive brand image in the customer segment identified in the previous step2

3Observing competitors get a deeper understanding of the industry

4Creating style-scapes and working on final reviews
5Creating a new logo as per client requirement with our creativity
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6Creating brand guide
7Redesigning the website
8Redesigning the website